Wierzbowa 15 Fine Dining

Arrival 01 06- 2023
Departure 02 06- 2023


Unique Design | Historic Interiors | Traditional Hospitality

Main Course 

Richness of Flavours | Original Recipes | Exquisite Liquors 


Unforgettable Experiences | Imaginative Creations | Attention to Relationships

The Wierzbowa 15 restaurant is housed inside the stylish interior of the hotel, where you can admire the renovated foundations of the palace featuring original 19th century brickwork. The modern décor of the historic areas changes its character depending on the time of day. The uniqueness of the place is also emphasised by the original multicoloured tableware, which accentuates the individuality of each dish. The place where the restaurant is located is very special as well. You will recognise it by the most beautiful willow tree in Wrocław.

Rooted in culinary tradition, the menu combines European cuisine with Polish touches, inspiring with its seasonality and richness of flavors, aroma of flowers, fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits from nearby gardens. Wines from the best vineyards, craft beers and original cocktails are the perfect complement to the flavour compositions of the created dishes.


Superior technique is the means to perfection. On top of this principle, Chef Yassin Bugajny adds an exceptional wholeheartedness and genuine concern for his guests. The original menu is designed to both surprise and impress, and the desire to exceed expectations and create warm relationships is a surefire way to make you crave a return visit to Wierzbowa 15.

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